Transition Conveyors

Intralox’s 560 Series high-strength belt, designed for uninterrupted transfers, is an ideal option for transporting small or delicate products in various industries and applications.

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Wet and Dry Sanitation Document

Features and Benefits

It allows product handling smooth and hassle-free, thus increasing efficiency and minimizing damaged or wasted parts.
Its advanced design facilitates and allows easy cleaning, prevents errors, and enables effective product handling and orientation.
Thanks to its modular structure, it provides speedy and easy repair options, reducing maintenance-related downtime.
With different belt styles, materials, and superior gear connections, it is the new and enhanced version of previous models.
With a belt strength of 300 lb/ft (41.48 kg/m), it is one of the strongest and most sturdy conveyor belts available.
It can be used in various production steps such as machine input and output, product transfer, or product transport within a machine.
0.315 inch (8 mm) pitch and 0.236 inch (6 mm) diameter nose bar
The Flat Top surface permits the smooth and precise alignment of small packaged products.
The Flush Grid surface provides cooling and drainage.
Superior gear grip feature
Open bars and channels facilitate easy water access during cleaning, allowing for efficient cleaning processes
It is available in two materials: acetal, which has a temperature range of -46°C to 93°C, and a new high-temperature resistant nylon material called LMAR, which has a temperature range of -45°C to 143°C and a V2 flame resistance rating.