Modular Belt

Modular belt conveyors are ideal for reducing production costs and lessening operational burdens in the food, logistics, storage, and textile industries. They are suitable for transporting products of distinct weights.


Documents delivered with the product

CE Certificate

Spare Parts List

Wet and Dry Sanitation Document

Features and Benefits

The conveyor belt widths can be adjusted to the desired specifications.
Thanks to its versatile design, it can be adapted to fit each and every production process.
The belts can be dismantled and stored, making it easy for transport to other locations.
Can be easily cleaned and is user-friendly.
Highly reliable and quiet for production operations.
It can be used for both dry and wet production processes.
The belts added to modular belt conveyors have the feature of moving around curves.
Depending on the requirements, the frame can be prepared using stainless steel, aluminum sigma, or St37 oven paint finish.