As Aliş Makina, we have been operating in Bursa since 1963. We design and implement engineering projects for various brands ranging from different sectors who are engaged in manufacturing in Turkey and around the world. We specialize in designing the best products in different manufacturing areas such as conveyor, sorter, and thermo drive systems, as well as custom machine manufacturing and line solutions. We strive to deliver our products to the satisfaction of our customers.

We design our projects in accordance with occupational safety rules in order to make the production line efficient. At the beginning of each project, we carefully listen to our customer’s expectations and needs, and conduct on-site analysis. Next, together with our product development team, we create the most suitable project design for the production area. Whilst the working process, we continue to address our customers’ questions and suggestions. After conducting tests and performing the final checks, we also provide after-sales and technical support services once the project is finalized.

We started off with lathe manufacturing in the automotive sector and gradually expanded our production area to work on conveyor systems. We resume to grow with the projects we have developed to serve the food sector. As the third generation, we protect the heritage that the previous two generations have passed on to us, together with their knowledge and experience. Along with this heritage, we have inherited the values of dedication, reliability, and honesty. Therefore, we work with the principles of being meticulous and are solution-oriented in the projects we specially prepare for our customers, who are among the leading brands of Turkey and the world.



We were established in Bursa by two partners. We carried out activities in the automotive sector in the field of lathe manufacturing.


Started working on conveyor manufacturing. We have entered the food industry.


Second generation has joined us.


Produced crate filling and unloading machines for beverage factories.


Built plastic crate washing and labeling machines.


Designed and produced a bottle washing machine.


Built an Ayran filling line.


The 3rd generation period has started at Aliş Makina.


Our first export was made.


Manufactured CE certified conveyors.


Celebrating our 60th anniversary!


To provide superior service to companies operating in Turkey and worldwide, to establish the necessary infrastructure, to add new brands to our portfolio, and to contribute to the country's economy by exporting the conveyor systems and machines we have developed.


Making continuous renewal and development a part of our company culture, has empowered us to accurately analyze global conditions and make the best decisions for our future. Oaur goal is to continue being a high-value brand, striving to maintain our position as a leading player in the industry.

Quality Policy

As Aliş Makina, which carries out sales and project design activities in the fields of conveyor, machine manufacturing and line solutions, we have a quality management system that is suitable for the purpose and context of our company and supports its strategic direction. The following policies are implemented in order to keep the quality management at the highest level in our projects and services.

  • To understand and analyze the needs and expectations correctly in order to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction.
  • To adopt customer-oriented work based on quality in production and service.
  • To establish cooperation with suppliers based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • To fulfill the conditions determined as applicable within the scope of
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and to continuously improve the system.


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Solution Stories

Long-Term Efficiency

The conveyor design which we manufactured using Intralox’s new S560 series modular belt has been incorporated into the production process at the factory of a leading water manufacturer in Bursa.


We offered long-term solutions to the company’s productivity for problems such as the wire belt application being broken, the need for continuous maintenance, the prolonged downtime of the line and the increase in production costs.

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A new solution for the leading producer of the Aegean

We prepared a tomato segment cutting machine project for the world’s leading dried and frozen fruit-vegetable producer operating in the Aegean region.


In this project, in which we designed meticulously in all details we focused on operational efficiency. We received positive feedback from the company, whose cutting capacity increased to two tons per hour with the machine placed in the production area.

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