Drying Oven

Doypack packages are a preferred type of packaging for countless food and beverage products. Due to the non-sterile nature of the outer surfaces of these packages, proper sterilization methods are necessary in order to maintain their freshness and safety. At this point, specially designed ovens which provide sterilization at 100 degrees Celsius come into play. Drying ovens that are used in industrial production facilities are machines made of high-temperature resistant steel or aluminum. These ovens carry out the sterilization process by utilizing high heat. This process provides the temperature necessary to sterilize the products inside, and also extends the shelf life of the product by reducing the amount of oxygen in the package. Hence, the risk of microorganisms damaging the product is minimized.

Ovens which provide an effective sterilization solution for Doypack packages, ensure the fresh and safe preservation of products, thereby aiding in the delivery of high-quality, healthy food products.

Ovens come in different models and with various features, allowing them to be customized according to production needs.