ARB Sorter

Systems which utilize Activated Roller Belt (ARB™) technology explicitly sort and separate classified products on the production line, ensuring flawless execution of operations.

ARB™ Sorter S400
ARB™ Sorter S7000
DARB™ Sorter S4500
DARB™ Sorter S455

Documents delivered with the product

CE Certificate

Spare Parts List

Wet and Dry Sanitation Document

Features and Benefits

It can effectively handle all products, ranging from lightweight and small products to heavy pallet loads. It can perform tasks such as routing, sorting, and turning operations steadily.
The sorting and turning line can be customized to the desired dimensions according to the production area. Sorting, separating, and turning operations can be executed at the desired speed.
This conveyor technology permits numerous movements on the belt, such as product sorting, separating, and turning.
Bidirectional separation features can be applied as 30, 45 and 90 degrees depending on differing series.
It possesses top-level technology which can be used without any space limitations.