Thermo Drive

Thanks to its special design, it surpasses the traditional belt system and optimizes the system for a reliable and predictable operation. It is often preferred to reduce operating costs. In case of accidents or the need for belt replacement, we can handle the adhesive process.

Documents delivered with the product

CE Certificate

Spare Parts List

Wet and Dry Sanitation Document

Features and Benefits

It has basic, cost-effective maintenance and service processes.
It can be cleaned by consuming less water compared to other systems.
It has a longer lifespan in comparison to other systems, ensuring extended durable usage.
FDA-approved content is suitable for food contact.
There is no underpad, it only contains polyurethane.
The installation of the lines is effortless, and can be cleaned without being disassembled.
Product changes, wiping, and drying processes can be performed.
Thanks to the hygienic monobloc surface, operations in the food sector can be carried out safely.
The tensionless belt system, Thermo Drive, minimizes wear and enables long-term usage.
The surface of the design meets the expected performance standards in terms of hygiene and does not allow bacteria to harbor.
By eradicating strain, tracking, and sanitation issues, hingeless Thermo Drive belts can reduce cleaning time by up to 75% over traditional flat belts.
Fruit and vegetable; it can be easily used in meat and poultry, seafood, snack and confectionery processing operations.